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Would you like to impress your guests?

Do you enjoy hosting but would rather spend more time socialising instead of stressing in the kitchen? Whether you have tried Filipino cuisine or not, Rex's private dining services are the very best of his work. Rex's attentive but easy going nature allows for you to truly relax and enjoy food specially prepared in the comfort of your own home with your friends and family.

Private Dining Hire



I have had the pleasure of private dining experiences as well as instruction from Chef Rex over the past few years. His positive energy, expertise, and enthusiasm are infectious, and well-reflected in his food.


Each time I am lucky enough to have a meal, whether complex or simple, prepared by Chef Rex it is truly a delight. I come away with new taste experiences and knowledge...I could not ask for more!


Rex came down to cook for us in North Cornwall for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day over Christmas 2017.  Not only were we 17 people but we were split across two holiday houses so it took a reasonable amount of preparation beforehand to ensure that between us we took all the necessary equipment and ingredients with us, knowing that it was likely that the equipment would be sparse and the store cupboard empty! 


Rex did a fantastic job.  He suggested to cook a Philippine meal - his speciality- for us for one meal and did so on Christmas Eve.  We had a very tasty Pork Adobo with rice and green beans followed by a traditional Philippine pudding called Lecheflan.  Everything got the full thumbs up!  He then produced a wonderful Christmas lunch for us all - including a cracker of a stuffing (we had to ask him for the recipe!) as well.  


Rex was a very nice person to have staying with our family; he was polite and well-organised and didn’t mind being asked thousands of questions by the cooking-keen children! We are all keen to support him with his future cooking ventures and we will definitely be visiting him at his next London pop-up!  - Antonia


Where to begin! Rex has showcased some inspiration dishes in the short time I spent with him in the Alps. He has a exquisite touch with balancing flavours whereby he has the ability to take a culinary classic to highest level of sophistication, often using Filipino techniques and recipes to add a new flair to his dishes.

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