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With over 10 years working with food and in the hospitality industry. Rex has built a strong foundation and a variety of transferrable skills and business experience after going through many trials tribulations working in kitchens and whilst building his own business startup. Rex's knowledge as a chef, combined with his raw experience and business endeavours in almost every type of food envrionment makes Rex an ideal person to consult with when it comes to seeking advice, guidance and direction in the food and business start up world.

Rex has previously consulted for a variety of clients such as: coffee shops, restaurants, grab-and-go, and street food. Whether you are an established business or are simply looking for guidance to get your next delicious food startup going, Rex has the understanding, experience and initiative to solve any problems that may arise in business.

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Consulting Services

Startup food businesses

Street food concepts

Menu creation

Food business launches


Food Hygiene & Safety procedures Kitchens

Sourcing Suppliers

Staff Training

Commercial Kitchen Planning

Popup Restaurants



" I enjoyed working with Rex on my project . Straight away, I can say that Rex is a focused and detailed person . He is attentive and structured. Rex puts everything in writing which is great as it helps me not to miss a thing He has plenty of initiative and can train people which is very important as he has patience and professionalism... "


- Zarifa, Director Bibimbowls

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